Hello! Its Me, TheRealTimeGerbil With Some News And Updates For My Server. If Your Reading This And You Aren't On Time Gerbil's Server Wiki Go Check It Out! If You Are Already On The Wiki Thanks For Checking It Out!

So, For Those Of You Who Aren't Close Or Personal To Me On Xbox, I Don't Usually Let People Play On My Server. I Started It About 7 Months Ago And Only Thought Of Making This Wiki Now! I Only Let My Close Xbox Friends Test Things Out On My Server, Test Out Games And Security Methods, See If They Like New Buildings And All That Stuff.

But This Post Isn't About Rambling On About Random Stuff That Used To Happen. Its About The Juicy Updates We All Want To Know. So Without Further Adue, Here We Go:

  • Undead Neighbourhood: A New Zombie Map Set In An Abandoned Neighbourhood, Now Overun By The Undead! New Things In The Map:
  1. Car Trap: Load The Car With Arrows And Fire Away
  2. Travel Buggies: Because Walking Is Too Mainstream
  3. Electric Cherry: Not Really Shocking, But It Had To Be Done
  4. Crafting: Make A Turbine, Which Is Just A Button, But I'm Calling It A Turbine
  5. Mystery Box: Added A 1 By 2 Row Of Cyan Blocks Shining In The Air, So You Can Tell Where It Is
  6. Detonators: 1 Every Round Starting From Round 5, Dont Get Too Cozy
  7. Fridge: Store Your Weapons For Friends And Family
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ Is In Stage 1 Of Building

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